San Diegans!

It’s warming up once again and it’s marvelous. At Quartyard we absolutely adore dogs and want them to enjoy our dog run as much as possible, so we came up with three easy tips to help keep the fun going.  

We also recently added umbrellas and a belly table for added shade and a place to put your drinks!


Before you enter the dog run, try letting Fido stroll the block in hopes they’ll relieve themselves before entering. Although it’s not required to do so, it is very much appreciated as it will help minimize undesirable odors; even more so since summer is here and the high temperatures will intensify those doggy smells. The park is cleaned three times daily with a mix of odor fighting liquids, as well as a utilized gravity transfer flow system for the dog run.

It’ll be a lot easier to maintain if we can all get our pups to go potty before they set paw.


It’s a grand sight to see as much as 50-250 dogs come through #YourCityBlock throughout the day. When the dog run is busy (7 or more dogs), reconsider bringing toys to avoid unnecessary aggression and fights. The majority of altercations between pups are involve toys and we would love to see less of that.  

On a similar note, if you know your dog isn’t a fan of crowded spaces it may be a good idea to let the crowd thin before bringing him/her into the run.


Last but not least, please stay with your dog when in the dog run. We know it happens sometimes, the paw-rents step out to grab a drink and forget about their pup. This mistake tends to get your furry child on edge and could potentially lead to a dog brawl. By the time the owners rush back to break it up, it has gone on too long. This could easily be prevented by staying with your pup. Try to see it from Fidos perspective: you’re in a completely new area with a lot of strangers and the person you love the most in the entire galaxy just left you behind. A rush of emotions ensue. Please make things easier for everyone by being inside the dog run while your fur-baby is having fun.

These tips we think can help everyone enjoy #YourCityBlock. We hope to see you and your pups having a blast with fellow dog lovers. Check Quartyard’s calendar and their Instagram on the regular to stay up to date about new information, weekly dog run hours, and special events for your dogs!

Please read the rules and regulations of the Quartyard Dog Run and feel free to contact us on our Instagram messenger if you have any other suggestions on how we can make the dog run a positive experience for you and your furry best friend!

NICHE, Please! …A new art experience at #YourCityBlock

At Quartyard we celebrate a wide variety of communities and we are always curious to discovery what other groups of creatives are out there.

So when Founder Ashley Shifflett approached us about her workshops, NICHE, Please!, that brings together people curious to learn a new skill we were happy to play host.

Still unsure what Niche, Please! is? We will let Ashley explain further

What is Niche-Please? 

Niche, Please! unites San Diego’s curious minds with talented experts in a range of topics from lifestyle trends to alternative art. Whether you want to learn a new skill or improve a current one, our short, in-person workshops connect you with local professionals that want to share their passion.

Where did the idea or inspiration come from? 

I’m always eager to up my game in the latest trends but never have time to either a) teach myself or b) sign up and take formal classes. I’m also always seeking something fun and unique to do. So I decided to bridge the two together. Learning can be fun, accessible and un-intimidating. Plus, it’s an alternative for the typical night-out – kick back with a cocktail in hand and enjoy the experience. It’s a win, win!

What can participants expect from the first activation? 

Mai Tran, a professional modern calligrapher, will teach students the basic techniques of brush lettering from when and where to add the proper amount of pressure on the pen to all of the possible lettering styles. Once she completes her lesson and allows everyone to practice on their own, each person will create masterpiece with their favorite quote. Participants will get to take their guide sheets and brush pens with them to continue practicing their new skill at home!

What makes a Niche-Please experience different than other interactive art classes? 

With a rotating schedule of topics and locations, each experience will be unique. As we speak, our team is crafting a broad line-up of unconventional topics. With classes like sushi rolling, Instagram photography or beach waves and buns, there’s something for everyone!

When did you start getting interested in art classes and what do you want participants to leave with? 

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been creative and adventurous. My favorite classes were the ones that would allow me to apply my artistic ability and individuality. This is exactly what I want others to experience in our classes. Unleash your inner genius. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a talent you never knew you had. But above anything else, have a damn good time!

Anything else you would like to add? 

With this brand new initiative, we are seeking ideas and inspiration from the public. If you have a suggestion for a new class or if you are a talented expert that is passionate about sharing your niche, please let us know! And to all of those that can’t wait to take a class, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about newly released classes. Visit to find out more!

NuMoods summer series at Quartyard

So launches Nu Moods at Quartyard; a night showcasing a jam sesh that will span the genres of neo-soul, classic jazz, contemporary jazz, broken beat, funk, and hip hop.  Nu Moods will be the vibe every first Thursday of the month starting in June.
On the musical front we welcome Lexi Pulido, classically trained jazz & blues singer and her distinct vocal tone. Lexi is able to offer idiomatic and theoretical knowledge of American Music while also dabbling in Spanish and Portuguese texts as well.
Lexi has curated a very fine list of contemporary musicians including Matt DiBiase, Rob Thorsen, Grant Fisher, and percussionist, Julien Cantelm.  The goal: create a catalyst for improv and invite specials guests along the way to jam along with the house band.
Adding to the visual element of Nu Mood we have called upon three distinct artists; Nicholas McPherson, Brise Birdsong & Tess Armstrong.
Nicholas McPherson is a San Diego-based illustrator, graphic designer, contemporary painter, and muralist. Originally from Texas, Nick’s sardonic imagery feeds off West Coast symbols of excess.
Brise Birdsong unique style combines clean lines & patterns. Brise is also and award-winning illustrator from her first children’s book as well as has experience teaching art from children to college level.
Lastly, Tess Armstrong uses her artwork to bridge myth and reality. She aims to represent women of all skin tones and ethnic backgrounds in dreamy pastels and mythical or galactic settings.
Nu Moods starts Thursday June 7th from 6pm-9pm and is every first Thursday of the month there after.  There’s no cover and families and pups are welcome!

Dog of the Month at Quartyard!

Good day neighbors!  For the next six months we will be picking a furry friend of Quartyard and awarding them a “Dog Of The Month” award!  (think grade school but for dogs).  We thought it’d be a fun way to feature local pet vendors and of course… your pets!  One lucky pup will be chosen by myself, The Dogumentor every month!

So what does the Dog of the Month award at #YourCityBlock include?

Hold on to your tails because the lineup is pretty rad if we do say so ourselves:

1. Ento Bento treats is designed for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs. Sweet potato is good for digestion and crickets are good for dogs with allergies compared to chicken and beef. Entobento will be providing one bag of their grain-free treats!

2. The crew at SUP Pups teaches you and your pooch how to stand up paddleboard on the calming waters at Liberty Station. SUP Pups will be providing a lesson with a certified SUP instructor! This will include a human and dog life vest, paddle board rental, 1 hour lesson, Go Pro action photos, and be led by owner Samantha and her dingo Jack.

3. Urban Dog Solutions has come to save the day (and your carpet) to anyone looking for a backyard alternative. They offer an affordable subscription service to deliver a real grass pee patch for your pup. Once a week a staff member will quickly visit to return and replace the used patch. Urban Dog Solutions will be providing a gift certificate for their services!

4. Have to go out for the weekend? Don’t feel guilty because Doozydog Club will make sure your pup is having as much fun as you are (maybe even more). With cool amenities like 24/7 live cam to check in on your fur child, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are being exceptionally cared for. Doozydog Club will be providing providing a certificate good for 5 days of dog daycare!

5. Everyone in East Village knows the amazing staff at Earthwise Pet Supply. They offer the widest variety of all-natural, grain-free, and raw pet foods, as well as quality treats, and personalized affordable grooming. Earthwise Pet Supply will be providing one dog wash and leash!

6. You know you can trust a brand of dog food when they make humans test the grub to make sure everything is on point. The Honest Kitchen provides human-grade pet food products for dogs and cats. Their gourmet recipes are 100% natural and gently dehydrated. The Honest Kitchen is providing a 2lb box of food, a tray of their single serve cups, and a bag of Cuddles treats!

On top of all these pawsome prizes Quartyard will also will be providing a silicone collapsible dog bowl to take when you adventure with Fido. A photo frame will also be gifted to the winning dog so you can hang their photo and make all your friends and family see what a star you have.

So how does your dog become Dog of the Month?

FIRST: Follow Quartyard & The Dogumentor on Instagram!  

SECOND: Come on down to #YourCityBlock at 1301 Market Street to be around our East Village furry friends!  Join us on Sunday May 20th for Quartyard’s Grand Opening for Dogs!  BYOD will also feature live music and a bunch of dog friendly vendors.

I’ll be choosing the photo and can’t wait to meet new canine (and human I guess) friends at #YourCityBlock!

-The Dogumentor 

Jazz on Tap returns for year 3 at Quartyard

Jazz On Tap returns to Quartyard for it’s third annual concert featuring a wealth of awesome jazz bands.  Anchored by San Diego favorites Gilbert Castellanos, Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, and the Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio, Jazz on Tap is primed to be a concert filled with quality music from start to finish!

Expect New Orleans style jazz parades complete with beads, eclectic worldly sounds from the Monette Marino World Jazz Ensemble, and an orchestra performance by the Jazz Katz Orchestra!

In order to accommodate all the culture we will be extending the venue boundaries to allow for more guests and food trucks!

This event is presented by the non-profit foundation, Water For People, and we can’t wait to welcome them back to #YourCityBlock!  This all ages event takes place Saturday, April 21st and tickets are only $10 pre-sale and $15 at the door!

Get your tickets today: HERE

Your Art at #YourCityBlock

We find much importance and happiness in supporting the local art communities that exist within San Diego.  With that notion, we strive to implement artworks by #YourCityArtist on a rotating basis to interact with the guests of the venue.

To kick off the artwork at #YourCityBlock, San Diego native Jonny Alexander brings his nature inspired artwork to our art wall.

Having recently returned to San Diego from Detroit where he spent two years as Master Printer for 1xRun, Jonny is excited to create more studio and public mural work for the people of San Diego.

Tackling the massive container canvas, we called upon the talents of abstract artist Brittany Segal.

The abundance of detail in her work and size of the pieces leads to two different viewing perspectives: a pulled back observation of the work as a whole or a close observation of the intricate turmoil of details.

Lastly, all this artwork would not be possible without the continued support of Artist & Craftsman located at 3804 Fourth Ave.  Artist & Craftsman is an employee owned art store that has been helping facilitate the work of local artists since 2000.

If you’re in need of supplies for your next project or information on how best to create the vision that’s in your mind, the staff at A&C are the best in town for such.

Blood, Sweat, and Beers: Laurel England’s top 4 drinks for Quartyard Opening

Hi neighbors! I’m so excited to be back at Quartyard curating your draft list and hanging out behind the bar (except when I’m saying hi to your dog) for all your beverage needs.

Pretty much a part of Quartyard since the beginning, I take great pride in the concept and am thrilled to make some new memories with all of you.  During the closure, I was traveling around the country working the music festival scene and can’t wait to share with you some GREAT beer finds I had the pleasure of coming across.  Along with some new goods, you’ll see plenty of our favorite local breweries which we will absolutely continue to support here at Quartyard.

We have been hard at work building #YourCityBlock and we can’t wait to serve you some cold ones.  As they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy… so let’s drink.

It’s the beginning of Spring and that means longer days of sunshine, Padres home games, dog meetups and glorious BEER.

Here’s my top 4 must have drinks for our opening:

1: Alesmith .394 

It’s April in San Diego..need we say more? Baseball is back! Although Spring gets us excited for so many special release beers in general, there is one beer that sets the tone for everything, our beloved .394 San Diego Pale Ale. This hoppy pale is loved by all and definitely a staple on the tap list. For ALL Padres home games you can find .394 on tap here at Quartyard. See you for pre and post game!

2: Mason Ale Works Respeto Mexican Lager 

There’s no denying the continuation of the Mexican style lager boom happening in SD. We will be having a dedicated line to craft lagers and are currently loving Mason Ale Works Respeto. In fact we blew threw our kegs by 2pm on our first official day of business Sunday.. So apparently you are too! Respeto will be back for the grand opening party have no fear. You’ll see packaged Lagers as well, keep a lookout on our display self!

3: Melvin 2×4 DIPA

AKA “the best damn DIPA in the world”. East Village get excited because Melvin Brewing (Alpine, Wyoming) will be opening a brew pub this summer right in our hood. We wanted to introduce them to you with a bang with this absolutely delicious DIPA. This is a MUST drink beer for our party on the 13th!

4:  Quartyard Mule 

Good news! We are upping our libation game for our cocktail lovers out there. A new cocktail list will be debuted the week of the grand opening party. Although our house craft on draft moscow mule isn’t new, it’s absolutely coming back with the new location. Refreshing with an extra kick, thanks to Top Hat ginger beer, this crushable vodka based mule is topped with bitters, fresh mint and lime. Classic mule indeed, but why leave a good time to find a good time!?

Be sure to grab your ticket to #YourCityBlocks grand opening event on Friday April 13th!


Go Dog Go… Quartyard’s Dog Run is Back

Great news! We are thrilled to announce #YourCityBlock is back and so is the dog run! Thank you for bearing with us as we prepared the final touches to welcome back the community.

We hope you and your dogs will create furr-tabulous memories. Also, make sure to keep the pups hydrated as San Diego starts warming up.

You asked and we listened! Some new improvements we’ve integrated are a new cleaning system that will include daily sanitizing the dog run and brief cleaning breaks, to avoid the paw-ful smell that used to linger at the previous site!  

We are still deciding what the cleaning schedule will be, but rest assured there will be a courtesy warning before we briefly close the gates of the dog run.

 The gates will be open for Fido from 8am-10pm. Please make sure to read the dog rules posted at the entrances in full to ensure everyone will have a grand time.

In addition, The Dogumentor will be contributing pawsome dog reads for all to enjoy and  you may just learn a thing or two!

If you are wondering what/who is The Dogumentor let me introduce myself. My name is Brandee and I am a photographer who is passionate about documenting dogs.

It’s a Dogs of San Diego theme and over the past two years I have met over 2,000 puppies!  That is paw-sibly one of my top life achievements.  Some favorite spots to photograph are at Quartyard and Grape St. Dog Park.

I’ll be frequenting #YourCityBlock and we are in the works of creating a monthly contest where your pup can be chosen as Quartyard’s Dog of the Month!

I will be choosing the winner and the prizes will consist of a variety of dog related products (TBA) for your winning pup. Plus you’ll have bragging rights on both Quartyard and The Dogumentor’s social pages!

For starters on how your pup can be a Dog of the Month be sure to follow Quartyard and  The Dogumentor on Instagram.

More details on this rad opportunity to follow. Thanks for stopping by and can’t wait to meet more pups at #YourCityBlock!


Seahorse Coffee: New Container on the Block

We are thrilled to welcome a newish edition to the Quartyard family!  You may recognize the owners, Ashley Kaye and Chris Mitchell, as they were two of our favorite baristas at the former cafe, Meshuggah Shack.  

Together, they created Seahorse Coffee.  

Seahorses like to travel in pairs and we are stoked that they swam their way to #YourCityBlock.   

We sat down with Ashley and Chris to learn about their caffeine fueled dreams and aspirations.  

Where’d the name Seahorse Coffee come from?

Ashley:  Chris and I have been friends for 10+ years. Over that time we’ve gathered a large group of closely knit friends, we call our group the Seahorses.  It evolved from a joke someone made at the pool and just kind of stuck. As far as nature is considered, the seahorse is a bit of an odd critter, so are we.

I like to think we all end up finding our tribe as we travel through life, the kooks found each other and called themselves seahorses.

Chris: When we were kicking around ideas for names, Seahorse came up and there was no letting go. Our buddy Chad made a sweet seahorse souvenir poster for an epic Summer Solstice pool party and it was a really strong image. I am still really inspired by that poster even 6 or 7 years later.

Ever make coffee for a celebrity?  If so, what’d they order?

Ashely: Brandon Maurer (the relief pitcher for the Padres 2017) used to come by the Meshuggah Shack at Quartyard before home games to get our cold brew. We called it Maurer Power. It took us a few visits before we worked out who he was, super cool low key dude, I’m sad he got traded.

Chris: Brandon was definitely a celebrity highlight at the last Quartyard location. When I started serving coffee at Peet’s like 18 years ago, I had the pleasure of pouring drip coffee for Rob Halford fairly regularly. He is pretty metal.

Describe the vision of Seahorse Coffee in 6 words or less.

Chris: Locally roasted smiles… also dogs!

Grossest thing someone has put in their coffee?

Ashley: Vodka…Whiskey is the obvious choice.

What specialty drinks should we be excited about?

Ashley: I’m excited about the ‘Big in Japan’ (and you should be too) it’s a Raspberry White Mocha with whip cream and a Pocky stick!

What is the most amount of espresso shots you have had in one day?

Ashley: When I was first learning to pull shots my teacher had me taste all of them. I probably had the equivalent of 8 or so shots that day.

What are your hours?

Ashley: We are open at 7 in the morning for now, quitting in the afternoon as needed.

What is the best way to stay in touch with Seahorse Coffee?

Chris: Ash is on top of the Facebook account and I try to keep up with the Instagram.

Facebook: @seahorsecoffee Instagram: @seahorse_coffee

Have you ever looked a seahorse in the eyes?

Chris: Every day brother, every day.

Stop by Seahorse Coffee for those morning goods!

Quartyard’s Official Close Date: 06.02.2017

The time has come to order the cranes and say goodbye to a wonderful two years of music, art, dogs, and community. Although we are saddened to close this chapter in Quartyard’s journey, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Quartyard’s new location on 13th and Market, coming late 2017.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, #YourCityBlock will be throwing a blow-out farewell party on Friday, June 2nd from 6-11PM that all are welcome to. Our celebration will feature everything Quartyard is known for- live music, art, local vendors, food trucks, and of course, great beer.

Pre-sale tickets will be available this Saturday, 05.20 at 11am, so be sure to snag yours and come party with us!

Facebook Event Page:

Quartyard Is Moving!

Since Quartyard’s inception in 2014, it has served as a platform on which members of the San Diego community can immerse themselves in arts, music, and culture in a sustainable and outdoor environment.

As anticipated, the lease on the space Quartyard occupies has ended, but Your City Block isn’t leaving yet! Quartyard will remain open until the beginning of summer, and will re-open at our new location on the corner of 13th and Market in late 2017.

Our new space will feature everything you love about Quartyard – including a dog park, beer garden, on-site eatery, coffee shop, and more!

Everyone on the RAD Lab and Quartyard team would personally like to thank our supporters who have watched us carry out our vision over the years. We are eager to start this brand new chapter with our community.

– Your City Block